Monday, November 24, 2008

Two of many concepts to be offered up for consideration for this paperback repackaging. I took these shots in my kitchen this evening so at the very least, the location is right.

I feel I owe Ingrid Paulson a nod for subconsciously inspiring the napkin concept with her recent cover for James Chatto's "The Man Who Ate Toronto."

And yes, I chewed the pen myself.


Ian Brian Shimkoviak said...

These are both fun and funny. One makes me uncomfortable (the pen) and one makes me feel clean and orderly. They offer up two very different emotions and so from a readers standpoint, which one does the book really make you feel like?

I guess I'd opt for the pen and silverware concept in that regard... seems like a balance.

Ingrid Paulson said...

Yes, that first one does look familiar... :)

David Gee said...

Only steal from the best.

nate s. said...

Mr. Gee, you are the real deal. Apart from loving the delightful snapshot quality of the photography, it's the delicate typography that makes these. And they all add up to a great idea!